this happens in australia too

"In Brazil, where a deep-rooted provincialism plagues a certain intellectual elite that is always anxious to keep up-to-date with certain "hegemonic trends," to accept point-blank the "truths" dictated by those in more outstanding institutions and artists of model metropolises means to accept laws that rule right and wrong."

- Antonio Henrique Amaral, The Artist and the Hegemonic Trends



How sick is this graphic? Who is the lucky person who gets to draw graphics for a non-profit software? Who are these people? How smart do you have to be to become one of those persons? How can I make sure my life points to attaining a fucking cool job like this?


midnight oil

I like my uni classes. I like it even more when I realize I'm not above or below the stray of first year dogs. I am a first year dog, but I don't bark and I don't have severe make-up issues. Serious issues. In a way I feel like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed: an undercover reporter which has skipped the unglamorous years of prepubescence. The only difference is I don't think I need David Arquette babying me around.


rick's army of angels


A gallery beyond the shitness, the richness and the tastelessness. A space of pure idea, calcified on the walls, written on the dreams, ripped off from the floor like crappy plaster paint.


A palpitation of the heart, pure concentration liquid, lovingly touched on the collarbone. A beautiful paper thin t-shirt inhabited by a soul, jeans that dive into flesh, worker hands, dark scruffy eyebrows and the assurance of a gaze thinking.


follow me everywhere

I love you Russian bitches and you twitter mofos. Yeah yeah yeah, follow me on twitter here. Dirty laundry.

ps. at least I don't have a formspring account. I am dignified.

today i...

I ate a big bowl of noodles and now life is good. I spent the afternoon drawing a drawing I kept analyzing. So it's not very good. I downloaded No Age's Everything In Between again and got a massive boner from listening to the drums. I tried to take a couple of pictures for my uni assessment but they weren't very good (I still have about twenty shots to get rid of). I cuddled my cat. I cleaned the bathroom. I did the dishes. I thought of cleaning my room but the new hangers I bought are still sitting unpacked next to me. I downloaded this Gus Van Sant movie I've been meaning to watch. Instead, I will probably watch Madmen and order an overpriced pizza. I stared at myself for a while. I practiced some acting exercises which are doing me good in real life. I sat here and I typed this, feeling a little egocentric.

what i learnt from the movie howl

To feel and be a writer you must write over six hours per day, because then there is no escape, you will melt into the existence of writing. And you should write prose like you are talking to a friend, because when you are writing you are essentially just trying to express your basic yourself. 

I always understood spontaneity but I could never quite connect the dots.

the gabba

I was thinking that things change so quickly, and that one fine Sunday morning you feel a tanned arm wrapped around you, and you remember him promising the golden promise, and you feel relieved. And the next minute you are smelling the drops of rain en route to breakfast in the district, and he picks up a flower and hands it to you. And his shirt is thin and his shoes are thick, and his face is kind of fleeting every time you look at him. And he talks about art and life the way you have just learnt to see art and life, and he knows everyone because this town is so small. And you tell yourself, "I am this person," and he looks at you while pouring you water at the cafe and he suspects there are other things. And you embody most of those new things but you are still trying to frog leap most of your meaningless past scenery. And you feel like you're on the cusp of something, and that you've taken baby steps to finally turn into something, or someone, and that you sure have. You are slowly turning into something. And as you prototype your way into existence you remember that quote in class that talked about being ready for opportunity, because success is all about being ready. And he lives on the left bank, and he talks like one of them, and his hair is long, and you keep trying to catch him out like he's catching you. And you realise bragging and ego were the things keeping you afar, and that now you are penetrating that circle, which is pure and quiet and devoted to the habit of skill. And you realise, you keep coming out of caves. And it's really a mystery what's to come from this, because things change so quickly, and so they should.


thanks to baby

They may curse her name, but she has an important angle. She taught me that thing she always does. I'm back. I can speak again.



"When we got there, we saw all these big buzzbands were playing - Screaming Females, Twin Sister, Cults, Washed Out. [Cults] and Twin Sister seemed to be the chillest out of everybody. Everybody else was either too chillwave or something, they got a hipster boner up their ass."

- Dom, from buzzband Dom, interviewed here.