does it come from the genuine face?
they can tell
(all of them)
do you neutralize the random space?
sucking away all its fearsomes.

would you dare?
(do you ever)

do you realise you aren't to show
and that by not doing it,
you negate your own bold
uncourageous soul?
i wouldn't rhyme you in my own dying
surrendering capacities,

deprived of breath
sleep and some other faculties.




Keeping the ego in check is good for the heart and soul and other parts of the body.



It is sad but true but some people just fly under the radar until they got themselves a boyfriend/girlfriend. And all of a sudden you begin wondering to yourself, oh hang on, right, he/she is nice. Look how nice he is. Look how he laughs. Lookie. And then all of a sudden, their "flaws" - wait, no need to bracket that - their dirty, dirty flaws begin to look pretty meaningless and petty. And you start thinking to yourself, God I'm stupid. Why didn't I pay attention. Why was I a bitch. Well, honey, I got news for you - it's called partial reasoning. Or something. It's a sales term, I forget what it's called. You only want it 'cos other people have it. You're a greedy bitch and if you don't watch your manners you will turn into a home wrecker forevermore.


I was reading some hate article about Sasha Grey and found this video. I don't know, there's something really "gutsy" and "honest" and "passionate" about Grey in this interview. Then again, there were lots of parts that I found to be "ambiguous" and "confrontational" and "counter-reactive."


the pick-up move

There is nothing more romantic in these modern times than when a boy picks you up half-drunk, twirls you around, and makes sure your undies aren't showing.


Girl: "What do you do?"
Boy: "I skate."
Girl: (trying not to swoon)
Boy: "I also look for jobs."


cheshire cats

"There’s a quality about freaks. Like a person in a fairy tale who stops you and demands that you answer a riddle. They’ve passed their test in life. Most people go through life dreading that they’ll have a traumatic experience. Freaks were born with their trauma. They’ve already passed it. They’re aristocrats."

- Diane Arbus, photographer

situation analysis

there is nothing worse
than caffeine in the stream
of a heart full of blood.

three skills

the basin
the pencil
the bills.


lol true dat

"When people romanticize the ‘90s, it’s not because it was particularly 'better' than it is now. It’s because it took more than ‘liking’ a status on Facebook to cement a friendship. It’s because courting someone took more effort than a text every other day or so. It’s because someone could destroy you emotionally and you’d never hear from them again, and you’d know what it really felt like to have a broken heart and what it’s like to not be able to do anything about it (...) The ‘90s were the last decade of genuine emotion; the last time harvesting relationships took time, money, and effort. As technology simplifies communication, our lame-in-comparison attempts to build virtual relationships cease to have meaning."

- Communicating in the '90s by Stephanie Georgopulus. Read the whole thing here.

death from above

You know what, I tried not to like DZ [+Deathrays] for a while, but it didn't work. The picture in my mind is clear: I went to my friend's apartment and they played DZ for me as some kind of aftermath stoned courtesy. I felt musically naked and a little awkward. People are not supposed to know these things about each other. It meant that I had been explicit about my DZ addiction in the past - that I had gushed about them one night, rolling drunk in the sofa.

But what is it about DZ Deathrays that even got my attention to begin with? I remember being at TAFE years ago, clicking my way through profiles of Brisbane musos, trying to get a bigger picture of what this place was all about and how I was supposed to make sense of it all. I didn't even go here. I remember DZ's overly bright myspace profile background jutting out from the screen - and most of all I remember what those tracks sounded like for the first time.

"Like a total rip off The Bronx & Death From Above?"

Not really. I am that classic unschooled music person that everyone is always so suspicious about. To me they represented every denial and buried feeling that had been crawling under my skin since the days before the days. They seemed to have complete creative freedom to do what every young suburban kid (me included) wanted to do but wasn't supposed to: to get drunk, to act reckless, to be ruined, to feel possessed.

I suppose my priorities have changed since. DZ Deathrays have also evolved in their own way - branching out into the US, touring Australia a shitload, craning their necks to bigger things. But the spirit of the DZ entourage - their business mission, so to speak, has kept its middle finger up. I watched them last Friday at Woodland for the release of their second EP Brutal Tapes, and was instantly filled with the need to fuck shit up. I guess that's one kind of freedom.