She's here

"I'm actually just gonna bounce," she said, and she turned around and looked at the cops. Fuck the cops. I'm not going anywhere.
"They're so polite."
"Fucking cops."
"Hey lets just say we all live here, the can't kick us out." It was a joke but she looked at his eyes and they locked in pronto. It was just a joke.
"We do all live here."
"Hey Rob -"
"We all - what?"
"What are we doing."
"I'm exhausted." Cool. He's exhausted.
That's gotta mean a lot.
"There's people at yours."
"Yeah just the fucking kids. Fuck how am I gonna sleep."
"Classic hey maybe I can come like for a bit."
"Yeah dude do you wanna come?"
"Yeah I'd love to."
"Dude come."
Whatever. Pronto headglance. It was always that thing with Rob. He'd give you a double standard look and expect you to figure out which of the standards he meant. Like are you joking or are you just fucking with my head. He was also good looking which didn't fucking hurt.

There were kids and they all wanted to jump in together and they ordered multiple modes of transport and ultimately got there. In the transport he rubbed a girl's leg and she twisted the flesh on his arm so hard because she was fucking over it.
"Ouch that fucking hurt."

Eventually, there was a lot she couldn't do with. She'd had this constant dream, and in the dream she sat in her grandmothers farm and waited for the sun to rise because she couldn't sleep. Which she knew she'd eventually be doing at her constant pace. She could hardly sleep because her brain just bounced off the walls. She could barely breathe she was so alive.

In the dream it was weary though. Even though she felt a golden light, it hurt to stay up. She wanted to be sleeping and dreaming with her cousins. Instead she was in the guest entrance, where you'd bring your bags in when you arrived with the car, and on the left if you weren't part of the family your sleep there. In the guest house. You could only be a Rezende if you slept with us. So it operated like that.

I was stuck in there where you walked past with your bags and it was pretty much the only place I could be in like I was trapped. And I didn't want to be there but I knew it was purgatory for me, who just wanted to have a little too much before bedtime. It was my fault so I needed to watch the sun rise, like I needed to see it. I wouldn't sleep until. But my body hurt and one time the cops drove by the farm in the distance.

The fucking cops.