self-sabotage 101

1) A casual but unfortunate meet-up
2) A vulnerable pretty rosy face, mirroring something, something.
3) The tragic establishment of rapport
4) The cruel attraction of a pair of eyes
5) The complete loss of self (including the selfish anger that attracts the pretty fly in the first place)
6) The molding of the self to resemble a more suitable companion to the opposite sex - includes outfit makeovers such as rap hats, Vans, checkered shirts and American Apparel dresses.
7) The leering, the offering, the repeated texting.
(Optional at this stage: carnal pleasures)
8) The erasure of any social life as one waits by the telephone and finds no joy in anything but the other person itself.
9) the subsequent every availability - breeding boredom, contempt, and disinterest
10) The end of interest



washing out

fire away
i'm free today
hovering over musical oceans
like a paper plane.
clear is the day
i let go of hell yesterday
to live in limbo again.
here i at least can pretend to pray
and breathe my breaths in my own patient haze.
clear is the day
the light is ethereal and time passes stray
the cat snoozes softly
and this music is like liquid
against my tired ears.
i have no tears
i fell to my knees today
i suppose that's what you have to do
wipe the past
to then let it brush off you.
nothing really lasts
the evergreen of the freshly washed
too shall pass
like a continuous wheel
of insisting surfaces.


to all the hipsters in the checkered shirts

The problem with people is that they're always thinking about themselves. That is a good thing, and a bad thing. The bad thing is that they're usually thinking about very astral, or rather worldly problems concerning themselves. The good thing is that sometimes they're not. Non-worldly problems, as one would imagine, are usually problems concerning Multiple People. The Big Picture. Or, if the egotist is still being sauteed by life and life's herbs and spices, it is a problem of the Existentialist Self. In any case, all of the above are a bit of a waste of time for the sole, isolated individual. Frankly, there is a highly developed school of thought in both Existentialism and The Big Picture. Society and all that. Read, read and read is the proper verb-advice. And then read some more. One mind can't possibly fathom the bare existence of even half of the thoughts that have come across all the half-witted brains that ever walked this earth. So just lick your lips and read. That's a pre-requisite really. It will turn you into an intellectual and feed the argument/"well here's an example why" sack. In other words, you will always win that casual drunk debate among your more unprepared and slightly blase friends. The world is half-educated these days. Everyone is half-cultured because in half-cultured nations we can actually get by being pretty fucking average.


don't give the heart
for anyone to squeeze
it is yours to keep
locked in a luscious confine

last night

every word in the blur
everybody on the fucking floor
and a guy
giving me the finger