goodness and stuff

An intangible quality has pertained itself to me, like a higher understanding of the laws that surround me. And I should keep it a secret because heads roll and blood is shed every day. It is clear and clear and crystal pristine. Oh my. So that's it. Simple but sobering. Ink on the skin. I am good. We are good. We are good.

see saw

In the haze of the day after I try to hold on to the memories of pleasure but the tunnel is dark. I understand in the clear light of conscience that I have sabotagged myself entirely and yet this feels much more right. Is it right to hold onto a memory you like a lot? Is it wrong to relive the past? Like a movie well-favoured, which one keeps winding past the eyes of the mind. Is there anything wrong with that? Is it better to let go? Like a dream come true or something equally boring. I don't know.


the meaning of circles

A degree of pleasantness, or let's say "acting", is necessary when engaging with people. The best way to contribute to a social situation, which in itself is already a tense one for all involved, is not to pursue those individual opinions and keepsakes that one may think are so rightly his, that define and contour him as a person, so much as it is about facilitating, or "easing" conversation by sticking to a predictable norm that allows the listeners to relax and feel familiar in their surroundings. People like comfort. Therefore using terminology, body language, and speech that is familiar to your subgroup is the easiest way to ease yourself in, and to ultimately "belong".

- Unknown