self-sabotage 101

1) A casual but unfortunate meet-up
2) A vulnerable pretty rosy face, mirroring something, something.
3) The tragic establishment of rapport
4) The cruel attraction of a pair of eyes
5) The complete loss of self (including the selfish anger that attracts the pretty fly in the first place)
6) The molding of the self to resemble a more suitable companion to the opposite sex - includes outfit makeovers such as rap hats, Vans, checkered shirts and American Apparel dresses.
7) The leering, the offering, the repeated texting.
(Optional at this stage: carnal pleasures)
8) The erasure of any social life as one waits by the telephone and finds no joy in anything but the other person itself.
9) the subsequent every availability - breeding boredom, contempt, and disinterest
10) The end of interest

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