today i...

I ate a big bowl of noodles and now life is good. I spent the afternoon drawing a drawing I kept analyzing. So it's not very good. I downloaded No Age's Everything In Between again and got a massive boner from listening to the drums. I tried to take a couple of pictures for my uni assessment but they weren't very good (I still have about twenty shots to get rid of). I cuddled my cat. I cleaned the bathroom. I did the dishes. I thought of cleaning my room but the new hangers I bought are still sitting unpacked next to me. I downloaded this Gus Van Sant movie I've been meaning to watch. Instead, I will probably watch Madmen and order an overpriced pizza. I stared at myself for a while. I practiced some acting exercises which are doing me good in real life. I sat here and I typed this, feeling a little egocentric.

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