I'll find the pigeon in captive. I'll find it and put it inside my pocket. Life knocks and jumps at the slightest things like a frightened animal. Gaining the facilities are easy, but it is just as equally easy (and hard) to lose them, leave them dusting on the window pane. Things can't always be the same, no matter how hard they try. And by they I mean all of us. It's not a musical re-enactement, it is more tortuous and slightly more humorous than that - the everyday. Courageous brains don't melt twice the same. They reconstruct the factual inside of them and try to go from there. But I'm not going anywhere just yet with that. It's easy to take a slope. A rolling roller coaster or some equally measurable escape route. The hard bit is staring at yourself straight in the face, for long periods, without letting the surface shiver or blister in a thousand egos.

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