tell me about magic!

I will.

It strikes me that there's a whole bunch of young kids wanting to talk about art (a generalising term for conversation about the creative) and discuss significances, but lacking the everyday vehicle, lacking, maybe, the confidence to engage in it. Intellectual discussions sound pretentious and carry a conflictual stigma. And despite the fact conflicts can be healthy, kids are scared shitless of it.
So no one reads anymore.
So knowledge is superficial.
So no one bothers trying.
And for the ones that do, and that find others in the same position who are willing to talk, it's like a Renaissance of ideas. It's like being in good old Athens watching Socrates standing in some dusty public-speaker stone, striking a pose as he engages the crowd. It's exciting. It's refreshing. It's an eye-opener. It's sad, to realize this. 

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