spencer truth

I suppose it makes a bit of difference to speak in turn, or out of turn, or whenever you're called for, or whenever one feels the need. Either to intervene or to punctuate, it's required of the inside eye that we speak, that we clear the air, make a point or pleasantly agree with a truth. Because if it's deemed necessary to alleviate the truth for truth's sake then so it should be, but no guaranteed understanding is to come of it, nor disagreement, and potentially disregard - which could be the case. But the lesson and the more general finesse of things doesn't lie there; it lies elsewhere above the mind and in the beholds of ethic, or conscience. There is truth but there are also gentle things that can be plated in a white lie, and be just as easily decoded and applied. What's important is that the message is there, presented in understanding light or naked darkness, in either case a tool for further future stepcases.

It's nice to be nice, I read recently.  But niceness is itself all wrapped up in a concept of plastic, fragmented to the everyday user as series of intuitive guesses. Does being nice not encompass also a certain element of meaningfulness, of truth of intention? Should it exist because we mean to, or because we have to? In either case I wait and watch. The real truth is called the Spencer truth, the one where it's known invariably that it is so after clarifying tonics. One hopes to be a tonic to one's own, but it becomes interesting and very much necessary to also be clear, concise, firm and direct. In summary: potent, but not toxic.

I hope (one can do more though) that the eggshells we tiptoe around are to disperse soon and already, that they lose their crunch of importance right in-between two sleep nights, dissipate with the brightening moonshine. Normalcy doesn't exist, but niceness is her distant cousin and very much fleshy, alive and functional.

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