the apprentice (pilot season)

Why is the world so full of endless business transactions?

It's all bullshit and whoever is running it should be fired. 

Donald Trump: "What the heck do you think you're doing?"
God: "Sir, if you'll just let me explain…"
Trump: "You've been Project Manager for the past 2010 years. I'm frankly getting sick and tired of your style, Mr. Christ."
God: "Can I just say, in my defense sir, that Mr. Mankind has not been very cooperative. I gave him a specific task, and that was to quit sinning and start making some money…"
Trump: "Is he telling the truth, Mr. Mankind? You're shaking your head in the corner there."
Mankind (laughing): "Mr. Trump, Mr. Christ has been a very absent leader. He even had a nap on the seventh day."
Trump: "Is that true, Mr. Christ?"
God: "Sir, by the seventh day we were all done. There was nothing really to improve on. I mean, quite frankly, the site you gave me to construct on…"
Trump: "So you had a nap?"
God (reluctant): "Sir, I will stand by my words. There was no way to improve that place. I did everything within my power."
Trump: "Mr. Christ, you have let your team down once again. First it was the failure of Then it was the bankruptcy of your Church business. Now I find out you've been sleeping on the job."
Sir: "Mr. Trump, if I could just say, they all looked like great ideas at the time."
Trump: "Not to mention your attitude problem. I mean, quite frankly, Mr. Christ, from the moment you stepped into my office, I could tell you wanted people to worship you day and night. And why the hell do you speak in Italics? Do you think you're better than everyone?"
God: "Sir, I honestly never thought that things could get this out of hand. Obviously Mr. Mankind should take a share of the responsibility and at least some of the blame here, sir…"
Trump: "Mr. Christ?"
God: "…"
Trump: "You're fired. "
God: "…"
Trump: "You may leave the boardroom now."
God: "Sir, thank you so much for this opportunity. I've learnt so muc…"
Trump: "You're very welcome. Now get the hell out of here."

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