tender admiration

Tender kid begins as tender. Tender kid lives in typical beach suburbia. Tender kid gets bored easily so he watches a lot of movies. Tender kid is very much himself, and very nice indeed. Tender isn't worried about fads; and if he is, he doesn't show it. Tender kid has all this equipment lying around the house. Tender kid is typically bourgeois, but not in a bad way. Tender kid makes good use of this equipment. Tender kid takes photos and makes stupid films and his sort of "vision" attracts new friends. Everybody likes tender kid, but most especially because he's unabashed about his creative efforts. Tender kid is very free in his pursuits, but also grateful for all the attention he gets. Tender kid travels a lot. It's true tender kid has parents who fund him, but tender kid makes good use of this, better than anyone else I know. Suddenly, tender kid becomes prominent. Tender kid's stuff is everywhere, from magazines to websites and he even has his own gallery. Tender kid is barely legal, and he has his own art gallery. Tender kid joins a band. Tender kid's band also becomes prominent, and tender kid's voice is truly unique. Tender kid isn't exactly handsome, but for all his focused energy tender kid is sharp, and has always been attuned to trend, or the moment. Tender kid has interests outside the circle, you see. Tender kid isn't interested in being assimilated. Tender kid is interested in having interests. Tender kid is a worldly creature. For all his praises and successes, tender kid hasn't changed much - if anything he has become a little reserved, but he has always been reserved. Tender kid is the kind of kid that can do whatever he wants with life because he is desperately comfortable with himself, and he has convinced himself from an early age that he can do whatever he pleases. Tender kid isn't concerned with being with the right crowd, tender kid IS he right crowd, you can spot him a mile away. Tender kid is a universe in himself, always has been, from the moment he decided to be tender, specific, and focused on shit that's really important.

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