bang on

I would really like to know what a night of astral pop, noir & future fuzz sounds like.

In other news, after immersing myself in an afternoon of MySpace music, I have realised that there is so much more local talent than there is platform and stage space. Also, I have come to the grim realisation that the best Brisbane bands I have come across are also the most ego-less and less inclined to advertise their amazing work. Or maybe I've just been hanging at the wrong places, I don't know. Maybe I've just been admiring the wrong bands for the wrong reasons. More and more I feel like I can think for myself. Influence can shit itself for all I care. I have my own taste. For example: I liked Running Guns from the minute I picked up their DIY-looking debut single release with a sticky label on it. I went home and listened to it and loved it on the spot and then was told straight away by my former housemate how shit and amateur it sounded. Just today I revisited the bloody two-tracker, and was gobsmacked at how good it actually is. Why did I even give a fuck about what anyone else thought? Music taste is a very, very, very personal arena.

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