there are 50 kinds of people in the world:

1) People that do fuck all
2) People that do too much at the same time
3) Short people
4) Dumb people
5) Pretty people with no taste
6) Gorgeous, sensible, tasteful people with perfect noses and matching nose rings
7) People that plan their evening
8) People that like sandwiches without crust
9) Dieticians
10) People that own too many credit cards
11) Taxidermists
12) People that never read the newspaper
13) Idiots
14) Hot-dog salesmen
15) People that party a lot and start looking old when they’re still really young
16) People that love the Earth but don’t really (faux hippies)
17) Animal-lovers
18) Pussy-lovers
19) Thrill-chasers
20) Pussy-lickers (sorry!) – I meant to say cock-suckers
21) Criminals with a soft heart
22) People that spend their whole lives opposing to something, when in reality they embody the very thing they hate
23) People that get stuck in a career they hate because they were too lazy to do anything else
24) People that have blind confidence, blind ambition and a bulldozer willpower (actors mostly)
25) People that give and feel rich
26) People that get rich and then give
27) People that give and get poor
28) Rich assholes
29) Terry Richardson
30) People that go against the grain
31) People that critique people that go against the grain
32) People that have no idea what the grain is
33) “Artists”
34) People that aren’t people, rather infiltrated aliens
35) People that pick their scabs
36) People that not only pick their scabs, but eat their scabs
37) Really REALLY fat people
38) Name-droppers
39) Name-shamers
40) Media whores
41) Jack White
42) Conor Oberst
43) John Keats
44) Rocket scientists (brain surgeons get no mention)
45) People that really do deserve a second chance
46) The people that created Photoshop
47) People that really do lead amazing lives, and yet still manage to be earnest
48) People that don’t care
49) People that care too much
50) Jesus

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