art guilt

"Every day is a typical workday, whether I work or not. Living in the same space that I work in, there is art in progress and recently finished things all around. When I get up and turn on the radio, my cat joins me to sit and look at the new stuff. We have breakfast (2 p.m.), read magazines, paper, nonfiction something. Turn on People's Court and turn on the computer, screw with a milion different things online, all along building up 'art guilt'. Sometime after Jeopardy! I think about artwork but instead play sax and burn a ten-minute music track. Maybe after mid-night I start art work, maybe not. More 'art guilt', done by 3 a.m. Make supper, watch a movie while I eat. Go to bed at 7 a.m. Get up at 2, look at new art (a week old), a pang of 'art guilt'. Plan to make art today... maybe."

- Interview with Jerry Moriarty, author of paint-comic strip Jack Survives

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