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I wrote this at an outrageous hour under outrageous circumstances, but it makes more sense than the string of filthy idiotic thoughts I have at present daylight:

If you're consumed in your own life experience you're not actually living, you are just preoccupied with yourself. If you take on board other experiences (read them, see them, listen to them, get innocuously cultured in order to absorb what has come and gone and what is the present world processing right now) you will probably be living the normal life that would have still been going around when there weren't mass-media social phenomenon platforms all over the Internet and all sorts of entertaining junk on television making us even more consumed in personal image and self-evaluation. And in this normal life we would be hopelessly non self-conscious, and would contribute more directly to art and other facets of the creative spehere. I don't think there are many of us who experience this creative blockage; I know for a fact many interesting people that work AROUND the obstacles of social media - they usually ignore it altogether to a pleasant effect and a chilled out lifestyle. Still, I find it necessary to point out that being tuned to third-persons experiences, cultural experiences, is possibly the greatest way to gain further insight into yourself, and people around you, and society in general. I think... because that's where all the best ideas come from. By studying what's been done and where this new place where you feel you are on par with the collective consciousness is. Being on this "agenda" means being on the forefront, with knowledge on tap, and having the tools to anticipate needs and ideas, like the little geniuses of modernity.

I mean honestly, can you imagine Pablo Picasso trying to deal with cubism and Facebook?

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